Please indicate the sessions you are planning to attend at TIES on Monday. Listing a general topic will help us to learn about many different areas during the conference on this first day.

8:00 a.m. Monday
10:40 Monday
11:45 Monday
1:10 Monday
2:25 Monday
Integrate 21st Century Technology into K - 2 Classroom
A Few of My Favorite (El. Tech.) Things
When Literacy and Technology Collide
Testing and 21st Century Skills: Finding the Balance
Active Classroom, Active Technology!

Using GoogleDocs and Moodle to Teach Collaboratively
Differentiated Instruction in Technology Training
What Can't You Do with the iPad/iPod Touch in the Classroom?
iOS on the Prairie
Too Many Hats? Life in Educational Technology Support

Using web 2.0 & interactive tech
Addressing the problem of the digital divide
30 web 2.0 tools
Top 10 ways to use Google Earth
Extreme Google Makeover School Edition
Integrate 21st Centuy Tech into K - 2 Classrooms
A few of my Favorite Things
When Literacy and Tech collide
Bringin History into the 21st Century w/Tech
30 Engaging Web 2.0 tools
Greenway H/I
Integrate 21st Century Technology into the K-2 Classroom (32 ppl)
St. Croix
Classroom Connections via Interactive Video Systems (17 ppl) OR A few of my Favorite Things
St. CroixEverything You Wanted to Know About Video Conferencing But Were Afraid to Ask (12 ppl)
Exhibit Hall TheaterEngaging Tools for a Creative Classroom (16 ppl)
Millennium Forum South
Nooks and Kindles and iPads, Oh My! (38 ppl)
21st Tech in K-2 Classroom
Fav. Elem. Tech Things
What Can't you do with ipad/ipod?
Increase reading fluency with ipod

Web 2.0
Digital Divide
Google Search
Digital Citizenship
Nooks,Kindles & IPads

Improving Reading Fluency with iPod touch
What Can't You Do with the iPad/iPod Touch in the Classroom?
iOS on the Prairie
iPads and Apps for Administrators


Cell Phones in the Classroom
Enhancing Collaboration with the iPad and Apple TV
Deploying and Managing iPad in a 1-to 1-Initiative
What's New at Apple
Mac OS X Lion/Lion Server